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Cargo Truck

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    外廓尺寸 Dimensions: 8990x2490x2752mm

    滿載總質量 Gross vehicle weight:15960kg

    額定載質量 Payload:9035kg

    整備質量 Kerb weight:6730kg

    驅動形式 Drive type:4x2

    駕駛室平頂 Cab:J5M semi-floating flat-top

    發動機 Engine:CA6DE3-18E3F

    發動機功率 Engine power:180hp

    變速箱 Transmission:CA6T138 (6-speed)

    驅動橋 Drive axle: 435

    速比 Gear ratio:5.143

    車架 Frame:237*75*(7+4)mm

    輪胎 Tire:9.00-20

    油箱 Fuel tank: 200L

    軸距 Wheel base: 5600mm

    車廂 Body: 6520mm

    最高車速 Maximum vehicle speed: 105km/h

    選裝配置 Optional equipment: Air conditioner ,280*90(7+5+8) girder,7/8m body空調,7/8米車廂

    推薦工況 Recommended operating conditions: Applicable total weight(vehicle+cargo):10-18t 適合車貨總重10-18噸


    集合國內優秀總成及零部件資源,整車匹配更合理,真正實現在保證動力性的前提下,體系節油最大化。The integrationof domestic excellent resources of assemblies and parts delivers more reasonable vehicle matching and truly achieves maximum fuel saving whicle dynamic performance is ensured.


    適合改裝各種平板,倉柵,畜禽,廂式,郵政,罐類,清障,垃圾,環衛等專用車。It applies to various types of refitted flat truck , stake truck , livestock transport vehicle , van truck ,mail car, tanker, wrecker, garbage truck, sanitation truck, etc., refitted for special purposes.


    低自重,低重心,低油耗,寬車架,便于維修保養等優點。It has advantages such as low deadweight, low center of gravity, low fuel consumption, wide frame,easy for maintenance, and other advantages.